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2022 OneOffs NFT International Art Fair
Virtual-at-Reality NFT Expo

9-11 DEC 2022

The OneOffs NFT International Art Fair held at W Taipei in December 2022 is a combination of traditional and virtual art. This is a continuation of a brand new interpretation of contemporary art, with bridging reality and Meta at its heart. With our aim to promote artists new and old, we have our base in Asia, launching in Taiwan, Southeast Asia and subsequently the world.

As blockchains become increasingly decentralized, open, and transparent, the NFT is undoubtedly the 21st century’s revolutionary trading source that’s bound to revolutionize the art industry. In the upcoming OneOffs NFT International Art Fair, central idea is to combine traditional and NFT art. Visitors and art collectors alike will be able to purchase artwork directly using crypto currencies. 

Keeping the core values of public accessibility to art close to our hearts, this art fair aims to be accessible to people not just in Taiwan, but around the world. OneOffs has partnered with XRSPACE to organize a virtual exhibition space, thereby allowing visitors to experience an immersive cyber physical art fair. 

Forming a One-Stop-Shop NFT Platform and Database

OneOffs is collaborating with Lootex- The one and only decentralized blockchain tech company in Taiwan to establish a One-stop-shop, virtual-and-reality exhibition platform.

OneOffs is supported by our technical partner AMIS, and together have flipped the O2O (Online to Offline) commerce and moved NFTs offline to a physical exhibition where there is increased interaction. Visitors can now explore the art fair and purchase art pieces both online and offline.

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OneOffs X W Taipei

The Continuation of New Age Art:
Butterfly Effect x NFT

It is the dawn of a new and exciting era! As the Metaverse continues to expand, NFTs continue to be one of the hottest topics discussed around the world.

The theme for this year is “Butterfly Effect”, which aims to discuss the prevalence and significance of NFTs, and whether they’d eventually lead to an NFT bubble, or blossom into a mature market that could stand on its own. 

The financial sector and the world at large had to reassess the way money was dealt with back in 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the idea of decentralization. This idea grew in popularity and became part of our lives, changing the way blockchains function. What was once seen as a mere gimmick in being increasingly recognized by large firms and the wider public. It can be said that NFTs have played a role in realizing Nakamoto’s decentralized utopia, expanding decentralization from the financial sector to the art sector. 

Of course, the advent of new and exciting technology doesn’t necessarily mean the elimination of the old. Contrarily, it has sped up the process of traditional arts converging with digital art. In the foreseeable future, the line between virtual and reality will no longer be as rigid and unreachable as blockchain technology advances and embraces the possibility of traversing through both.

Beyond Your Imagination:
Pluralistic & Prescient

Beyond Imagination:
Diversity in Foresight of Artwork

The collaboration with W Taipei in December 2022 has once again combined experts from the fields of arts, fashion, tech, blockchain, and academia as well as gathered local cultural resources to maximize economic benefits. OneOffs NFT International Art Fair last year has seen traffic exceeding twenty thousand people, and a turnover of fifty million NTD.

OneOffs NFT International Art Fair is with high standard. Galleries are expected to present comprehensive curating plan and artist’s idea. We will look for talented contemporary artists and put together high quality arts to present an exhibition with surprise and depth. We also provide diverse and forward-looking consultant service. We want to is to give you an excellent hotel expo experience to break the stereotype that arts are only shown in museums or exhibitions. We are on the path to become Asia’s most diversified, most trendy contemporary NFT expo.

OneOffs x NFT asks for high quality curatorial plans and artist inspiration and purpose. We have a stringent screening process and only accept contemporary artists with promising potential. We gather high quality creative works to complete an inventive, elegant, and moving exhibition area. 

At the same time, we also provide professional art consultation services for collectors. We aim to optimize the hotel art fair scene, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a hotel with groundbreaking art and integrating art fairs as part of the luxury hotel experience. 

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