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OneOffs NFT International Art Fair is founded and operated by two art enthusiasts in Taiwan, Julia Tung and Enoch Ho.


They firmly believe that artists are the cornerstone of the art ecosystem, and through the recent emergence of NFT technology, they aim to bring artists, galleries, collectors and the block chain community a fully integrated service and experience that facilitates mutual exploration, understanding and dialogue.


Julia Tung

Julia Tung co-founded OneOffs in 2021 as COO, supporting cross-program strategy and development, in particular exploring intersections across art, humanities, technology and science.

Previously, Julia has spent ten years as founder and director of GALERIE OVO in Taipei, Taiwan.Most recently, she has also served as the art consultant for Standard Chartered Bank.


Enoch Ho

Enoch believe NFT is New age revolution, New stage of evolution.

Enoch Ho co-founded OneOffs in 2021 as CEO of company.Creating unique IP brands, identities & incubator, O2O cross industry collaboration.Building international team, Art & NFT Association.

OneOffs, Only Once to Own ! Own to Earn ! Art lover first & priceless experience OwnFi NFT Brand for Global !


Justine Lu

Justine is a visionary who used her passion for gaming and marketing savvy to lauch Lootex, a gamer-first and the largest GameFi NFT marketplaces in Taiwan.

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