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Notification of Application Results

A confirmation email will be sent. In the event that a confirmation letter has not been received after five days, please kindly contact us at

An email announcing final decisions, location and payment details will be sent by September 5th, 2022. Please confirm attendance and pay in full within 10 days of receiving this email. 

Fees for the art fair will be e-mailed along with application results. Please pay the fee in full before September 15th, 2022, to retain full rights to attendance. Payment date is determined by the date of wire transfer from the bank. In the event that fees are not paid in full, OneOffs reserves the right to cancel the applicant's qualification and replace with another exhibitor. 

OneOffs cannot guarantee the size of the exhibition space nor floor/room number. Actual space and floor level will be determined and may be altered within spatial limits to fit applicants needs. However, details may be subject to change and OneOffs reserves rights to final decisions on spatial plan and floor level. 

Please send the completed application along with an e-signature (hand signed) via email. Please note that we cannot guarantee any loss of materials sent to us and do not return any materials sent to us. It is advised to keep backup files of all attachments sent. Failure to include a fully completed application may hinder rights of applicants or result in an unsuccessful application.

Important Dates

May 1st 2022

August 31st 2022

September 15th 2022 

September 30th 2022

December 8th 2022

December 9-11th 2022

Applications Open

Application Deadline

Exhibitors Fees Due Prior To Fair 

Exhibitors List Announcement

Check-in & Room Setup

Fair Dates

Download Application Form:

Download Floor Plan:

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